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Kendia Art Terms Agreement

Latest update of this page: 02/11/2022

Please read carefully the next information about our website terms of use and rules. By using our website you automatically accept all of these terms. Each user is also responsible to acknowledge and read the latest terms of use of our website because they can be updated at any time without notice.

1. Page content. We are always trying to provide you with accurate information and details, while we also are checking every source we have before uploading something to our website. Although the above statement is true, we have no responsibility for any mistakes and error on our website content. That means that each user is responsible for what they consider right or wrong with their critical thinking.

2. Website updates and uptime. Our website might have some down times that will not be available to users for a number of reasons. Some reasons for that might be the need for website updates, maintenance or an unexpected server problem. Note that we cannot make sure that our website will be always online but most of the times it will work properly and without any issue.

3. Images and other media. All product images you see on our website is ours and only ours and we have the full copyright ownership of those. All website content is under our ownership and copying our content, images or media is prohibited. We have all rights to ban you from our website if we notice that our content is being stolen and we might even consider seeking legal justice in courts. Any other images or media on our website, not related to our products since those are all made by us, might have been obtained by websites with free to use images. All credits for those images go to and and their kind free to use services they provide.

4. Links and hyperlinks. In order to provide you with the best possible experience we include specific links and hyperlinks throughout our website's content that help users have a better and faster experience. We have no responsibility for these links and their

5. Products and store. The products we provide are all custom made by hand. We have no responsibility if the product you received is not what exactly you thought it would be. Note that images on our website may be different to some degree from the final product. Each customer is responsible for their purchase and the items they choose to buy.

6. Product shipments. Although we try our best to make sure you get your product delivery on time we are not responsible if there is a delay on your delivery for a third-party reason such as a delay of the courier company.

7. Returns. If for some reason there is a problem with your product and it is our fault you can contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you and refund you if some criteria are met. Note that you will have to return the product with some additional delivery fees and once we receive it you will be refunded the full cost of the product minus the delivery costs.

8. Personal data. While you are using our website we might use cookies to provide users with the best personalized experience. We also collect data you only give us. For example when you make a new order we collect data from the order fields that you give us in order to proceed with the product shipment. If you ever wish to delete all of your data from our databases you can contact us and apply for personal data removal. We have no responsibility after you have deleted your data from our company. Finally by making an order you automatically give us the permission to keep your personal data on our databases.